JD strikes again with Choo

On Saturday, I was talking with my son and father when the Choo news broke. There is something about baseball and sharing it with your father and son that is magical. The news brought excitement over the room, something baseball always does. Jon Daniels signed the leadoff hitter the Rangers really needed, by signing Shin-Soo Choo to a 7 year 130million contract. All of the contract details will be available soon, but I think it was the guy we needed to sign. I think the contract is a little steep, but this is the market that we are playing in, and I appreciate what the Rangers organization has become. You must love the ability for this ownership group, and front office led by Jon Daniels, to be aggressive and continuing to stock the organization with talent.

When you look on the surface, I think the obvious thought is that the Rangers are done with major adds for the offseason. Rest assured that if Daniels can improve the club, he will and he will leave no stone unturned in doing so. Don’t be surprised if the Rangers make a play for Tanaka and I wouldn’t rule out Cruz coming back either. For the offseason, Daniels needed a middle of the order, power, left-handed bat (Fielder) and a leadoff, on base machine(Choo) and he has succeeded again. Baseball is around the corner and the quest for the ring will commence!

GO RANGERS! #BaseballTown

Fielder for Kinsler blockbuster! #BASEBALLTOWN #RANGERS

Wow! What an unbelievable trade that Jon Daniels pulled off yesterday. The Rangers traded Ian Kinsler to the Tigers for Prince Fielder and 30 million dollars in cash Wednesday. Ian Kinsler will always be remembered as a lightning rod for Rangers fans. It seamed you either loved him or hated him. I, personally loved watching him play and thought that he was extremely undervalued in his time here. With that said, you make this trade 100/100 times if you are the Rangers. By trading Kinsler and his remaining salary and adding in the extra 30 million, we are essentially getting Fielder for around 68 million until 2020. This is an absolute steal by Jon Daniels and the Rangers front office and a huge step up by ownership! Today is a good day to be a Texas Rangers fan and welcome to baseball town, Prince!!!!


A look ahead to 2014

All in all, I thought that Ron Washington did his best job as a manager this year. Dealing with all the injuries, a huge suspension, and probably the worst off-season in general manager Jon Daniels history, I feel Wash got the most out of this bunch this year and still produced 91 wins and a chance for the playoffs. With that said, I think there is a lot to like about this team going forward and a lot that needs to change.

As of this afternoon Jackie Moore and Dave Anderson are out on the coaching staff and we are being told that the rest of the staff will return. I am okay with this, as a fresh voice might help out with in-game strategies. Wash is probably the best manager in sports at relating to his players and getting max effort out of them. I don’t think anyone can question his ability to keep a group of guys together and in pursuit of a common goal. His in-game management could use a little help though. With that said, Wash is not the problem, so JD needs to do his part in remaking the big league roster. General manager Jon Daniels has had a fantastic run here in Texas. He has built this farm system from basically nothing into one of the best in the game. With that, the Rangers have won 2 AL pennants, and been to the playoffs 3 out of 4 season, with 4 straight 90 win campaigns. All that being said, the 2013/2014 offseason will be a BIG one for JD. We must retool this team and provide Wash with more weapons to use. If we make no changes to the rotation and bullpen, I think a rotation of YU-Harrison-Holland-Perez-(Colby/Ogando/plug a name) and a bullpen of Nathan-Sheppers-Soria-Ross-Feliz-Cotts will be just fine next year. If we add to that, fantastic. The lineup needs to change for sure though. Beltre-Andrus-Martin-Rios are all locks. We definetely need to address 1st base-catcher-left field-and DH. I would be okay with a Cruz re-union to play DH. I also could be talked into a Kinsler to left field and Profar at second base swap. But if there is no place to Profar, then we need to trade him now, while his value to high to add an impact bat.

This will be a fun couple of months to see how this team is put together. Some names to watch- Brian Mccann, Sin Soo Choo, Nelson Cruz, Carlos Beltran, Mike Napoli, and the big Cuban.. Many many more names to come.. Stay tuned!

2013 The Ride -enjoy it-

It has come down to the last three games of the season. Fresh off another walk off win last night by the Rangers and 20-year-old phenom Jurickson Profar, the Rangers are still trying to get into that last wild card play off spot. Just think back 3 years ago and how thrilled this area would be to be this close to tasting the postseason. While there are fans who will stick by the team, fans who will waver, and the fan who will criticize every little thing the rangers do, the goal at the beginning of each season is to be playing meaningful games in september and get into the “tournament”. This has been a transition year of some sorts. Gone was Hamilton, Napoli, and Young and infused with more playing time from Martin Perez, Jurickson Profar, and L Martin. If you were to tell me we would play the entire season without Matt Harrison, Colby Lewis, half the season without Feliz and Soria, with Kinsler and Ogando missing time and Elvis having a huge slump to start the season and be within one game with three to go, I would have taken it.